Hi Love,

You've probably dabbled or are well-versed in the father and mother wound...

But have you tapped your toes into the sisterhood wound?

She's a sneaky one...

You don't even know she exists until you wonder why you have friends, but can't seem to keep them... or why things feel "off."

You say, "I don't need a big group because I have a great family," or the classic "my career fulfills the need" but secretly... 

You long for a community that speaks the same language and that you can let the guard down, yes... even you, powerful leader.

The one who holds the space for so many, you often feel like if you crumble, it'll all fall down.

You wish you could be the one receiving, but you consistently find yourself as the space holder.

The Sacred Heart Wild Woman Activation is for you...

The Sacred Heart Wild Woman Activation is for the woman who has a tough time releasing the armour.

You're probably like, "I don't have a tough time, I'm vulnerable as f*ck!" But you look around and go, but why am I alone so much?

The alpha woman is tough... naturally intimidating... and keeps an arms length.

She's not trying to keep people out, but she's done these unconscious behaviors for so long that they've become second nature.

She has this secret longing to be in a community of women that get her.

She sees people taking trips together and hears others talking about their soul sisters and wants that.

She keeps her circle small but knows she could expand into deeper and richer friendships if she could just let go of what she's holding onto.

She likely doesn't want to admit it, but she's tired of being the one facilitating and connecting others and desires depth and connection of her own.

The Sacred Heart Invitation is for the Leaders who Feel Left Out.
In this 3-Hour Activation, you’ll experience:

A release in your chest as the invisible block finally disintegrates 

An effective and feminine way to communicate that's loving and allows you to speak your truth

A circle of leaders who are ready to let the guard down and let richer and deeper friendships in

A weight being lifted off your shoulders as you also remove your mask

A space to be compassionately held and nurtured

Healing in your heart to last a lifetime

An understanding of why you haven't been able to connect in the way that your heart desires and how to connect authentically

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We start promptly at 6pm (please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get settled into your spot)
  • Please wear a comfortable outfit you can move in
  • You’ll be anointed at the door with a cleansing
  • Then we’ll move into circle to start the deepening experience which includes a Shamanic Reiki Journey with Brooke...(see below)

Meet Brooke, Shamanic Reiki Guide + Owner of A Touch of Meraki

After becoming a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher I chose to share this knowledge by facilitating Shamanic Reiki Sound Journeys.

It is my intention that this experience will bring your whole body, mind and spirit into deep relaxation, coherence and balance, attuning you back into alignment with your authentic self.

Participants are guided into a comfortable receptive position while soaking up the soothing frequencies of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Koshi Chimes, Crystal Harp, Crystal Pyramid, Drums, Ratels, Binaural Beats, Reiki Energy, and so much more!

Each Journey will be a unique experience full of surprises...

Saturday, May 18th | 6-9 pm

@ A Touch of Meraki Studio | Gig Harbor, WA

*spaces limited*

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Who is J Muenz?

J's been a successful health coach, a firey business coach, a fully booked gift activation coach and now leads Wild Woman international Retreats and Workshops.

She's a Certified Hypnotherapist + Quantum Healer, trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy and developed her psychic skills after 3 near death experiences and a year-long dark night of the soul.

She's a fearless leader with a great sense of humor who infuses her personality into each training. She's already half full for her Wild Woman Retreat in Mykonos, Greece this September and would LOVE to fill it with a few more gifted, spiritual women who want to deepen their spiritual gifts and build a boomin' biz with them. Reach out j@jmuenz.com

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