The Wild Woman within you is instinctual.

She trusts herself.

Doesn't second guess.

Feels intuitively into her next step and doesn't let external noise cloud her forward movement.

She easily slides into tunnel vision for her highest good for all and knows exactly what to do.

The Deepening is for those who want to reprogram their thought patterns for good.

Think of this 3-Hour activation as a massage to your brain to start new roadmaps.

Know how you feel after a beautiful, slow, relaxing meditation?

The Deepening is for you to go beyond what your mind can comprehend.

The Wild Woman deepening is for you to visualize and focus on the reality you want to live in with subconscious work + angelic channeling.

In this 3-Hour Activation, you’ll experience:

A cleansing of thought loops and thought patterns that have you stuck in the same place.

A massage for your mind to experience less anxious and intrusive thoughts about what you no longer want to ruminate in.

A clearing and dissolving of experiences that once gave you a physical sensation, instead you'll feel neutral when thinking about past painful events.

Past life memories... were you a witch hung at the trials and that's why you can't be as vocal and visible as your heart desires?

Clear and actionable steps for how you intend 2024 to begin and end

Here’s what you can expect:

We start at 6pm PST, please wear something BLUE (and comfy!)

You’ll be anointed at the door with a cleansing.

Then we’ll move into circle to start the deepening experience.

Saturday, January 27th | 6-9 pm

$197 ($50 off w/code: MINDMASSAGE)

Location: Tuladhara Yoga in Gig Harbor, WA

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Who is J Muenz?

She's led 16 Sold Out Retreats in person all over the U.S.A. and virtually! J's a well-known Business + Spiritual Mentor for thousands of successful entrepreneurs in more than 10 countries. She's a Multi-6 Figure Mentor, lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her firefighter husband 6 year old son.

You can find her walking along the water, dipping into crystal shops or attending a life changing retreat in all parts of the world. She started incorporating the Wild Woman into her popular 6-Month Private and Group Coaching program, Untapped and the results are unmatched. 

She's a fearless leader with a great sense of humor who consumes chocolate daily. She's leading an already almost sold out retreat to Activate Your Inner Aphrodite in Mykonos, Greece September 16-20, 2024. She's an energy master and wound healer.

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