If You Want It, You Can Have It!

Hey Beauty!

I believe you desire things for a reason and the only thing that gets in your way is thoughts that tell you – you can’t.

My clients come to me with crazy big dreams and doubts that they can actually have what they want.

“It’s unrealistic to want that.”

“I don’t have time, I’m a Mom.”

“Do you really think I can do that?”

These are Moms, Healers, CEOs, Doctors, Photographers, Dancers, Creatives, Writers, Artists, Sound Healers, and Yoga Instructors who are successful, accomplished and even up to 7 figure earners and yet they all have 1 thing in common…

Their beliefs about what they can have!

And I totally get it because I was there too!

It wasn’t until I got off of the rollercoaster of the same thoughts that I realized, “oh my god, there’s another track!”

This is the track where you know wealth is your destiny.

Where you reprogram your brain to KNOW deep within your cellular memory that ABUNDANCE IS YOURS BECAUSE IT IS.

This is exactly what I’m teaching inside The Wealth Collective.

I’ve used these exact techniques I’m showing you to bring my desires into reality, such as…

• Writing a book

• Going people pleaser to assertive bad ass (personally + professionally)

• Went from empath w/o boundaries to solid priestess

• Being on TV… twice in 5 days…

• Starting a podcast

• Leading 16 retreats

• Healing from toxic mold

• 36 months 5 figure months back to back!

• Creating a flexible biz model that gives me time freedom

• Multiple sold out retreats

• 6 figure launches

A year ago, I had an idea to teach everything I knew as an 11-year biz owner to women at any stage in their career in a membership platform...

I was told... 

"memberships are sooooo hard." 

"if I could start all over, I'd never do it." 

 So I didn't.

But last night, I said my infamous line,
I'm the Queen of... when the desire expands me, I move.

Once I started teaching these techniques to my clients, they started manifesting like a MoFo too!

That's why I'm thrilled to invite you into The Wealth Collective!

I'm showing you how to:

magnetize your audience in a masterclass/retreat/program

energetically prepare for back-to-back sessions

connect to source on a daily basis

download messages from your higher self

create a multi-6 fig business from pleasure

tell a story that leads to paying clients

sell out retreats w/ a $40K+ profit

create multiple 6-fig launches

anchor in deep self trust

train your brain for success

create boundaries energetically

neutralize your emotions around income dips

create wealth when it hasn't actualized in 3-D (yet)

create a sexy relationship with debt

bring sacred priestess rituals into your manifestation process

be a sales queen in the DMs 

In The Wealth Collective, you'll dissolve debt-related fears...

I'm trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy, a therapeutic technique that effectively clears trauma using conscious and unconscious to understand that the event is finished, completed and defeated. 

You'll elevate your emotional intelligence to a level of mastery so when those finger typing bandits come into your inbox, fear won't flood your system, (as your business and brand evolves it sometimes invites the haters at warped speed).

You'll channel your unique brilliance and weave magnetic messages that draw kindred spirits to your vision. *no more crickets or throwing spaghetti at the wall* 

I'm showing you how to craft irresistible offerings that resonate w/your ideal clients.


- a private podcast feed 

- community-led Voxer channel 

- sneaky LIVE trainings that just... "pop up"

This is For You If:

• You enjoy listening to trainings on your own time

• You’re so in for energy healing and spiritual work

• You're motivated to do things your way

• You've always listened to your gut

• You have a big purpose w/o tons of time

• You don’t want to sit through long trainings on zoom

• You love to be entertained (+ laugh... doesn’t have to be so serious!)

The Investment:

ONLY  $697

When does it start?

Immediately. Your episodes are dropped into your private podcast feed as they're ready...

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